Relocating to Europe is the dream of many Dominican women, Noelí and her mother are no exception.


Good fortune follows Noelí around, and takes her to Europe for the very first time, as an actress hired to star a fashion film set in the Excelsior Hotel, in Venice. She’s the lead actress in a crew entirely conformed by Europeans. Nonetheless, her presence makes itself felt. She rapidly wins them over, and little by little immerses them in her world: a Caribbean world of rhythm, dance, and delight.


All the while, her mother has been providing domestic care in Spain for the last six years: a time they’ve spent apart. The possibility of a reencounter arises. Having concluded the shoot, Noelí leaves for Spain: a nostalgia and longing for their island is latent.







Title: Noelí Overseas / Noelí en los Países

Genre : Documentary

Length : 60 mins. Color

Year : 2017

Language : Spanish


Produced by

Aurora Dominicana

Dominican Republic


Producers – Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas, Mónica de Moya, Desiree Reyes, Ana Valeria Castillos


International Premier  

Festival International de Cinema de Nyon VISIONS DU REEL





Noelí Overseas


a film by Laura Amelia Guzmán

& Israel Cárdenas