Mañana Psicotrópica

a film by Alexandro Aldrete


Following a suicide attempt, 19 year old Lito travels from Monterrey to Querétaro to visit his cousin 20 years old cousin Koko; where he joins his group of friends with the intention of selling drugs to pay for a weekend trip to the beaches of Michoacán. Among psychotropic pills, LSD and mushrooms; among improvised friendships and trips to nature, a bond is created reinforcing their friendship; while Lito seems to find the path towards reconciliation.




B&W, 81 mins, Scope.

Languaje: Spanish.

Cast: Marcelo Galán, Esteban Vela, Khalil Rackwi, Camila Barragán, Sophie Latrouche, Daniela Moreno, Vicente Ferreira

Screenplay: Alexandro Aldrete.

Production : Juan Farré, Magaly Ugarte

D.P.: Yhvh Daniel Cárdenas

Production: Aurora Dominicana, Begala, Mr. Woo.