After a tragedy, two sisters hastily flee their hometown Monterrey. Without fully understand- ing the situation, Miwi –the youngest- drives a thousand kilometers to save Juliana, the main suspect. Despite growing up together, they don’t really know each other. Their forced pilgrimage creates a peculiar relationship between them, marked by love, pain and guilt.





a film by Gabriel Nuncio

B&W, 84 mins, Scope.

Languaje: Spanish.

Cast: Ivanna Michel, Aglae Lingow.

Screenplay: Gabriel Nuncio.

Sound: Raul Locatelli, Alejandro Deicaza.

Production Design: Nohemi González.

D.P.: Israel Cárdenas.

Production: Laura Amelia Guzmán & Israel Cárdenas.

Supported by: Promocine, CONARTE.




a film by Gabriel Nuncio