The Mexico-Dominican duo of Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas has directed, written, photographed, and produced several feature films together. 


Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on May 7th 1980, Laura Amelia Guzmán first studied fine arts and photography at the Altos de Chavón School of Design; later moving to Cuba to attend the International Film and Television School (EICTV), where she specialized in cinematography.


Israel Cárdenas was born in Monterrey, Mexico on February 15th 1980; where he studied Communication. Besides his work with Guzmán, Cárdenas has collaborated as producer, editor, scriptwriter, and/or cinematographer in several projects.


Their first two films COCHOCHI (2007) and JEAN GENTIL (2010), celebrated their world premieres at the Venice Biennale. Next up came documentary CARMITA (2013), having its own at FICUNAM. In 2014, their feature film DÓLARES DE ARENA / SAND DOLLARS (2014), starring Geraldine Chaplin, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, receiving further international recognition. 2017 saw them premiere two new works: their feature SAMBÁ, at the Tribeca Film Festival, and documentary NOELI OVERSEAS at Visions du Réel.


They currently live with their two sons in Santo Domingo, where they run together production company Aurora Dominicana, post-production studio Aurora Color, and independent cinema Cinema Boreal (est. 2018).


COCHOCHI, 2007 / 87 min / Drama

JEAN GENTIL, 2010 / 85 min / Drama

CARMITA, 2013 / 75 min / Documentary

DÓLARES DE ARENA / SAND DOLLARS, 2014 / 85 min / Drama

NOELÍ EN LOS PAÍSES / NOELÍ OVERSEAS, 2017 / 55 min / Documentary

SAMBÁ, 2017 / 90 min / Drama

LA FIERA Y LA FIESTA, 2019 / Drama / 90 min