a film by Laura Amelia Guzmán

& Israel Cárdenas

Nearly half a century ago, Carmen Ignarra arrived to Mexico after leaving behind her Cuban homeland,in the hopes of becoming the greatest Caribbean actress in Hollywood. But the American dream turned out to be more difficult than she’d thought, and her brief initial success was followed by a slow, painful decline.


Today, at 80, the woman who was once Cuba’s most beautiful actress lives totally forgotten in an old mansion in Monterrey. There she survives thanks to her tenants—strange men who she is constantly blaming for mysterious thefts and disappearances. Laura, a young woman also from the Caribbean, arrives at the mansion to work as an assistant in cleaning and housekeeping. With her she brings a video camera and the secret intention of making a documentary about the diva. Together they talk about the past, about wasted talent and lost loves.



Technical Info

Colour, 75 mins.

Genre: Creative Documentary.

Production: Laura Amelia Guzmán & Israel Cárdenas.

Associate Producer: Benjamín Domenech / REI CINE (Argentina)

Supported by: Canana, Foprocine, JIFF WIP, BAL 2009, Fonca, Conaculta.

Cast: Carmita Ignarra Güell, Laura Amelia Guzmán

DP: Israel Cárdenas

Sound: Alejandro Deicaza.